Welcome to the age of Internet of Everything


Welcome to the future. When we look back 100 years from now, 2014 will mark the start of a new epoch in human history. It is an era where the whole world, human beings and everything else, gets connected to the Internet at such a pace we have never witnessed before.

This is the age of The Internet of Everything. The Internet of Everything is made possible by the evolution of several technologies. Broadband technology made Internet accessible at higher and higher speed in more and more area of our planet. Cloud computing technology made it far easier and cheaper to create new services to be accessed from any where. The revolution in embedded technology and mobile computing enables portal devices that we can carry anywhere and access the Internet from apps that can be easily and securely installed. Big data technologies help us convert exponentially growing data into meaningful information that fulfill our lives and facilitate our work.

We as human beings are just starting to understand the impact of The Internet of Everything. The VC Group is keen to contribute to this great moment in human history. With our wide-ranging expertise in embedded technology, big data, cloud, and real-time communications, we are ideally positioned to leverage our expertise to build products and solutions that benefit mankind, to make their lives more fulfilling , and make their work more productive.

Let's ride this great wave of technology and help create history together. Let us be your best friend, you innovators.